Preston Cole
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Cyrpto Mining

Whether you're looking to start a crypto currency mining operation, or you have an existing operation, we can help.

We have experience in everything from sourcing the hardware, installation, management and monitoring.

Our bespoke system allows quick deployment of rigs, central in-house management and monitoring of those rigs.

All management and monitoring occurs on systems within your farm.  No trusting 3rd parties with your rigs!

We can take the whole project on for you, or assist with just part of the project.  If you're just after a system to deploy, manage and monitor rigs, we can supply you with the system and you can administer it yourselves.  We're as flexible as you want us to be.

Our monitoring systems allow you to see if rigs have lost specific components or applications, automatically restart those apps or the rig entirely.  This allows rigs to be maintained 24/7 without the need for on-site staff to reboot rigs.

Our management systems enable you to select any number of rigs and reconfigure them for a different currency, pool, wallet etc.  Reconfiguring 100 rigs takes around 3 minutes and can be performed remotely.

Please contact us from our contact page to discuss your requirements.

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Preston Cole