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Telephony (VoIP)

Voicehost and PAS Consulting can offer your business some of the most competitive prices out there.

Whether you need SIP trunks, or hosted PBX systems, give us a call to see how much we can save you.

SIP trunks are Internet based connections that allow your existing telephone system to route all calls over the Internet, instead of fixed landlines.

Fixed landlines come with lengthy contracts, high rental prices, and offer very little flexibility if moving offices.

SIP trunks are extremely cheap, come with very short contract periods, and can be used with any Internet connection.

Hosted PBX systems are telephone systems stored away from your office.  Handsets connect to the system over the Internet, allowing you to have a mixture of devices in your office/s and your homes.

Smartphone applications mean you can take your internal extension with you, have calls transferred to and from your smartphone as if you were using a desk phone.

Hosted PBX systems are rented per month, and per handset connecting to the system.

Please contact us for more information, or a demonstration.

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Preston Cole