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When starting your business from scratch, there is always lots to accomplish but you can rest assured your IT department will have no difficulty at all, P.A.S. Consulting will help you choose the best equipment and software to suit your needs.

Forward planning is what it takes for your business to run like clockwork, saving you time and money. We will set up a consultation with no obligation and you can see for yourselves the friendly service and IT expertise P.A.S. Consulting can bring to your business.

If you are already running a business and need to expand your existing infrastructure, or take advantage of newer technologies out there, P.A.S. Consulting can help your business to grow.

With years of experience, P.A.S. Consulting can make your business go where you want it to. Let P.A.S. Consulting worry about your IT problems so that you and your staff can concentrate on their jobs.



P.A.S. Consulting specialise in small to medium sized businesses, we are your IT department.

Our main objective is to get you back up and running when things go wrong. When your IT systems are down, the productivity of your company is reduced leaving you at a disadvantage.

P.A.S. Consulting helps ensure that your IT system is continuously running so your company is operating at maximum efficiency.

Our pricing is structured to meet clients’ needs. We offer hourly rates, project specific pricing and monthly ‘all in’ contracts.

If you are looking for a reliable and friendly technical team, we look forward to your call.

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Preston Cole